Dark Side Diving


We hope you’re here to talk about diving, because that’s why we’re here.  In fact, rarely does a day pass in our house when something diving related isn’t a major topic of conversation, so why would our web page be any different?  In fact, when we’re not at work we’re usually packing up to go diving, diving, or cleaning up after a dive trip. 

Here you’ll find a bit of information about us, the kinds of diving we like to do and have been doing.  You’ll find details about our latest dive adventures, diving related articles that we hope you find useful and some information about what we have planned for the future.  We hope you find the site filled with all sorts of interesting information and check back in with us often.

Welcome to the ‘other’ side of diving

Clockwise from left:  Brian & Heather returning from a dive on the M/S Rhein in the Dry Tortugas (Photo  by Mike Barnette); The Lake Murray B-25 is lowered into it’s cradle after recovery from the lake bed;  Heather returns from a dive in the Dry Tortugas (Photo by Mike Barnette);

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Why “Dark Side” diving you ask?  Aside from it’s obvious ‘Star Wars’ connotations, the term has long been applied to various aspects of technical diving.  It has referred to mixed gas, certain gear configurations, cave diving and rebreather diving.  Since we use most, if not all of those things on a regular basis the name seemed fitting.  As technical divers we often find ourselves in caves, the interior of shipwrecks or other ‘dark’ places.  And of course it goes well with our philosophy that dive gear can be any color you like--as long as it’s black.

What’s With The Name?


  1. We just returned from a week in Truk Lagoon.  Read all about, and make plans to join us next time.

  2. We were recently contracted by NOAA to recover a lost side-scan sonar.

  3. Be sure to watch for us on  Return to the Bermuda Triangle which is still airing on the Discovery Channel.  Check you local listings.